Dear Neighbor,

My name is Tim Egan, and I am proud to serve as your 2nd Ward Democratic Committeeman. I chose to run for this office because I want to be able to help support Alderman Brian Hopkins in his efforts to help ensure that our neighborhoods in the 2nd Ward remain an incredible place to live, work, and be entertained.

As your Democratic Committeeman, I am committed to ensuring that new residents are afforded the opportunity to vote in the Ward through conducting voter registration drives, sponsoring events put on by neighborhood organizations and community stakeholders, and working with advocates and volunteers from across the Ward as we roll out our volunteer coordinator program.

Through this program, we will help ensure that city service requests are identified early, and fulfilled in a timely manner by taking to the streets to talk to our neighbors about the things that need to be fixed — whether it be trees trimmed, potholes patched, street lights replaced, or anything else — and work to identify issues on our blocks.

Surveying the Ward and reporting service requests block-by-block not only helps ensure these things are fixed. Reporting a number of issues on a block-by-block basis also makes it more efficient for city crews to respond to these requests. Since September 1, 2016, volunteers submitted more than 1,200 service requests to Alderman Hopkins’ Office, and nearly all of these requests have been completed.

I encourage you to get involved, and help make your block, neighborhood, or precinct. To get involved, please contact John Geahan, Director of Operations, by email at


Sincerely Yours,


Tim Egan

2nd Ward Democratic Committeeman